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Mario Murillo: Every Christian Must Vote Trump!


This is a wake up call….a battle cry!

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines Christian!

Today is a Deuteronomy 30:19 moment:

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants,

Literally set before you is life – represented by Donald J. Trump – life for unborn babies, life for our Nation, life for business and free enterprise!

And death – represented by Joe Biden – death for the most defenseless among us, death for our great Nation, death for business, for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of living life without a mask 24/7.

Choose wisely America!

On that note, I want to share with you a brilliant article written by my friend Mario Murillo, please enjoy:

I am issuing a warning to white evangelical leaders who have endorsed Joe Biden. I am imploring you to rethink your monumental blunder. Why am I doing this? Because unlike others—who dismiss you as a sad anomaly—I believe you are having an impact on young believers.

You may be in the glow of martyrdom. You may think you are heroically going against the grain like Martin Luther nailing his ninety-five theses to the church door at Wittenberg. In fact, you are completely the opposite. The very villains you think you are opposing are using your intellectual arrogance to seduce you. You are opposing everything you value. The main reason you can’t see this, is that you are working from an old and obsolete model.

Here are 5 reasons your support of Biden will remain a disaster for you, long after this election is over:

1. Blacks and Latinos will see you as oppressors. The day when liberals were deemed the liberators of minorities is long gone. At this moment, 47% of blacks approve of the job Trump is doing. That is because they woke up from the coma of blind allegiance to Democrats. Their cities are crumbling because of corrupt Democrat politicians. They feel that socialism is slavery and they are done with the lies.

By supporting Biden—the poster child for do-nothing Democrats—you are supporting the ongoing misery. So, all your rhetoric about decency and justice is lost on the very people you claim to want to help by supporting Biden. Minorities understand that Democrats are the last people on earth to entrust with money for minorities. Blacks and Latinos want paychecks not food stamps. They will remember your misguided support for Biden. Your credibility as a social force for good will go up in smoke.

2. You didn’t just reject good you endorsed evil. The validity of your attacks on Trump’s past are obliterated by Biden’s present. Unlike Trump, whose mistakes were as a playboy businessman, Biden’s sexual assault on a woman and his unwanted advances on underage females happened as a public servant—and they have continued until very recently. All of your platitudes about Trump’s temperament vaporize now that we have seen Biden’s diminished mental capacity, explosive temper, pathological lies, and dismissive egoism.

Worst of all, we now know Biden is the head of a crime family. Oh, don’t give me any blather about Russian interference. The Laptop with the mountain of devastating emails and images of child porn belongs to Hunter Biden. That is settled fact. Our worst fears about Biden are confirmed. He has and will peddle influence to our avowed enemies for money. This is why our endorsement of Biden will stain you—it is an endorsement of evil.

3. Abortion is a deal breaker. A PhD Foursquare Church pastor (who may be down to one square) said this, “I support Biden. Some Christian friends may point to the abortion policies espoused by Democrats, and question my pro-like convictions. But politics is NOT a single-issue enterprise.”

You know what…he is right, politics is not a single-issue enterprise—but Christianity is. And that is why his argument disintegrates under scrutiny. You can’t support abortion from the Word of God. But that is just the beginning. No Christian is blameless if they are not trying to stop the heinous celebration of the deaths of 61 MILLION babies, making it the greatest mass butchery ever to see the light of day.

What happens inside of Planned Parenthood is not a single-issue enterprise. It is an unspeakable horror—not only because of the acts performed on babies that survive abortion—but in the rationalization of those horrors. The blood of innocents and the sin of the rationalization clings to any believer who even indirectly condones it, and they will have to answer to God for their blood.

Here’s the fatal blow to the argument of defending Biden: These evangelicals salve their conscience by saying Republicans want to save babies, but abandon them after they are born. That “yeah but” tradeoff is obliterated now that we know Democrats not only kill babies…they enslave people throughout their entire lives. Abortion is a deal breaker.

4. Your motivation is not justice or equality, but acceptance. You want to appear to be ‘woke’. You want the intellectual community to hail you as their equal and not as a Bible thumping ignoramus. Well, Mark Galli, the former editor of Christianity Today, embodied this arrogance when he wrote:

“I describe evangelicals like me as ‘elite’ evangelicals … and this class of evangelicals has discovered that we have family members so different they seem like aliens in our midst. These other evangelicals often haven’t finished college, and if they have jobs (and apparently a lot of them don’t), they are blue-collar jobs or entry-level work. They don’t write books or give speeches; they don’t attend conferences of evangelicals for social justice or evangelicals for immigration reform. They are deeply suspicious of mainstream media. A lot of them voted for Donald Trump.”

Galli threw his brothers and sisters in Christ under the bus so he would look woke. Don’t repeat his towering mistake. Spurgeon warned against the traitor who wanted to look good to the world: “If we were more like Christ, we should be more hated by His enemies. It were a sad dishonor to a child of God to be the world’s favorite. It is a very ill omen to hear a wicked world clap its hands and shout, “Well done” to the Christian man.

5. You are directly opposing God. Trump is not perfect, but he is God’s choice. He has been sent to prevent disaster. He loves America, defends Israel, and upholds the Constitution and the Bill of rights. He is a chosen instrument to exact justice on a system that is about to strangle freedom—freedom for the Church you claim as family—freedom for minorities to truly prosper—freedom for children not only to be born, but to have hope of an education and a future.

I beg you. Consider your ways. Time is running out. And remember this: The Bible does not see you as a hero. Your true identity may be found in Proverbs 25:26: “A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well.”

Want more?

No problem, I’ve got a TON more for you.

Let’s start with Pastor Bill Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.

I’ve been a big fan and follower of Bill John son for a LONG time.

Since way before 2016.

But seeing the wisdom of this man to support Trump in 2016 and again in 2020 confirms why I trust him so much.

Meanwhile, I was very disappointed when my local pastor spent the summer preaching left-wing ideologies and supporting BLM.

It was very sad to see.

But back to Pastor Bill Johnson…

The man is not afraid to take a stand even when it may be “unpopular”….at least to the Mainstream Media.

He recently went viral again when he posted this thoughtful article explaining why he’s voting for Trump AGAIN in 2020.

I thought it was so good I wanted you to see it.

Please enjoy:

Here is a portion of his article from the Christian Post:

I am often asked why I vote the way I do — and never more often than the past four years! Shortly after the 2016 election, I wrote an article titled Why I Voted For Donald Trump in which I shared my perspective on the moral comparison between the two presidential candidates on the ballot. In that piece, I weighed the decades-long political track record and policies of one candidate (Hillary Clinton) against what little was known of the new candidate (Donald Trump) — a businessman who had never held a political office.

Now in 2020, we find ourselves in another election year where the media narrative and rhetoric seems eerily similar to 2016, except more toxic. We are told that President Trump is a “racist, misogynist, and xenophobe.” Partial or out-of-context sound bites are thrown around as evidence of these claims. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, the facts show that the policies and actions of the President do not fit the characteristics of what those labels imply. In fact, I just watched a great film recently called The Trump I Know, where the filmmakers present a view of our President that is the complete opposite to the common reports promoted by mainstream media. It really is an excellent documentary, one worth watching whether you support the man or not. It sometimes takes a lot of work to find the truth in the midst of a deceptive platform like the evening news. Personally, I place more weight on the words of those who have a personal relationship with someone than a portrayal by those with a political agenda.

After four years of serving as President of the United States, we have learned more about President Trump as a politician (although I think “businessman” is still a more appropriate description as he continues to break the mold of what it typically means to be a “politician”). Many politicians tell you what they think you want to hear, and then implement policies that serve their personal interest or the interests of those in their inner circles. President Trump seems to tell it how it is (bluntly or rashly), laying the situation out on the table, working with people to find solutions, and reporting back what has been accomplished. To the surprise of many, at the end of his first term in his first elected office, he has undeniably accomplished — or attempted to accomplish — a majority of his main campaign promises. It is an honorable character trait of any elected official to follow through on their commitments. As I compare these accomplishments with the nearly half-century voting record of Joe Biden, it is with confidence and a clear conscience that I will be voting for a second term for Donald Trump on November 3, 2020.

For me it is worthy of note that I’ve never seen a president who loved prayer as much as Donald Trump — and that includes from those I voted for and those I didn’t. His passion for godly counsel is also legendary. His historic actions for Israel should appeal to believers, as the biblical mandate to pray supportively for Jerusalem is a clear priority in scripture.

For those who are perplexed at how a New York businessman; with a checkered past can be seen as a moral choice as the top executive of the country, I recommend reading Theology & Biblical Studies Professor Wayne Grudem’s article 30 Good Things President Trump Has Done for America and his older, 2016 article, If You Don’t Like Either Candidate, Then Vote for Trump’s Policies. Dr. Grudem’s writing is a thoughtful approach to making a moral choice with biblical values in mind, and his excellent articulation on why voting for a write-in or third party candidate is effectively the same as abstaining from voting given the current political landscape.

I realize there are Christians who find themselves on every part of the political spectrum, and I champion diversity of thought. My heart is not, nor has ever been, to judge or shame anyone based on the candidate they vote for. Neither is it my goal to coerce or tell people to vote for who I vote for. However, as a leader, I do believe it is important for all Christians to thoughtfully and prayerfully engage in the civic opportunity we are afforded as citizens of this country to use our voice for good.

We can use our voice to vote for local school board members who serve as gatekeepers of the curriculum being taught to our children. We can vote for fair and honest public servants who uphold justice without partiality, whether it be a County Sheriff, District Attorney, or Judge. We can vote for principled legislators who represent our values when writing, debating, and voting on laws for our state and nation. We can vote for the president who advocates for the policies that most align with our vision for this country.

When considering who or what to vote for, we each make choices based on a combination of our personal views on policies, the personality and character of the candidate, and our tradition or upbringing. Each of these value systems must be influenced by our prayer life with the Lord, and we must remain open to change. Which value is He emphasizing for a particular moment in time? Pay attention to His voice as you seek truth and research the candidates and issues at hand. An act of obedience — even in something as simple as filling out a ballot — is a way that God moves through His people bringing the principles and values of heaven to this earth.

We are called to be salt and light in this world — to bring flavor and a voice of truth to culture. Praying on the sidelines, waiting for a change while watching others use their voices to shape culture does not fulfill that call. Don’t get me wrong, prayer is vital to shaping culture; and we should all be praying for our cities, states, and nations as well as praying for leaders — yes, even those with whom we may not agree. But just as faith without works is dead, prayer without action is incomplete. There are people who moan and groan — calling it intercession — but do nothing outside of those prayers to make a difference in their own culture (I share more on this in a recent sermon titled “Fighting on Our Knees”). Tragically, for many believers, the downhill slide of society is a fulfillment of their view of the end times. They have more faith in the return of Christ than they do in the power of the gospel. Both are beyond wonderful, but I have a responsibility to bring about change through a life lived in obedience to Jesus. We are here to love, serve, and display the power of God, defeating the powers of darkness that rule over peoples’ lives. That is our assignment. We must not give in to the trend of a moral decline in society, and then call it a sign of the times. It’s a sign of our neglected responsibilities. This is our hour!

The moral decay of culture has been happening on our watch. Many Christians have removed themselves from this simple act of influence. The past six presidents were each elected by less than 10 million votes — and that is without the 30 million Christians who choose not to vote. Shockingly, as many as 65 million Christians do not vote in midterm elections, which can have the most direct influence on the local community. We in California are presently suffering under the careless approach of the Church to our political responsibilities in this state. Unheard of policies, like taxpayer-funded gender transition drugs and surgeries available to children, are now in place that could undermine parental consent. This is insanity! These laws (like AB2218) are being passed, almost without discussion, because the Church has been silent. We must act.

Please go read the entire article here.

We've covered a lot more in other articles here on WeLoveTrump.

Check this one out:

Why EVERY Christian Should Vote For President Donald J. Trump!

This isn't Johnson's first forray into politics....or into support Donald Trump.

In 2016, he went public explaining WHY he voted for Donald J. Trump back then.

From Christianity Today:

The senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California, has announced that he voted for president-elect Donald Trump in Tuesday's US election.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Bill Johnson – who founded the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry with his wife, Beni – wrote: "I was told if I voted for Trump I needed to open my Bible to find out why it was morally wrong. So I did, and this is what I found."

He went on to outline the reasons he voted for Trump and not for his Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton.

"I found that murder/abortion was wrong, which Clinton approves of even up to the point of delivery. Changing the name from baby to fetus doesn't change reality. It's a baby. A woman has a right to decide what happens to her own body. But all of our rights stop when they violate the rights of another – in this case the unborn," Johnson said.

"I also found that one of the main biblical purposes of authority is to speak on behalf of those who have no voice. The unborn qualify. They wait silently for someone to stand up and speak. Clinton has refused to do so."

He accused Clinton of deception over the 2012 attack on US government facilities in Benghazi, and of violating a "core value of God's kingdom" – honesty – regarding the email scandal.

He also criticised so-called "open border" policies: "I found that compassion for aliens (visitors to a nation) is vital, but here again the responsibility to provide safety for its citizens comes first."

Johnson then turned his critique to the welfare system. "God gives us the ability to make wealth, and that merely giving people money without work can create a lifestyle of dependency that is dangerous for them and our government," he said.

"The failed liberal agenda espoused by Clinton actually creates the problems they claim to fix. I also found that often times the welfare system masquerades as compassionate when it actually robs people of their much needed self esteem gained in their ability to work."

Johnson was equally critical of the legalisation of same-sex marriage, which was signed into US law across all 50 states under President Obama's leadership. "I found that redefining the family according to the latest immoral code is in fact cursed by God," Johnson said. "Tragically this is a primary focus and value of the Clinton candidacy."

Socialism is "contrary to Jesus and His teachings," he continued, deriding the practice of taxing wealthy people more highly. "When government takes from the rich to give to the poor they rob the wealthy of the self esteem gained from being a part of the solution through compassion," he said. "I cannot call it compassion if I take your money and give to someone in need. It's only compassion when I give my own."

Johnson suggested that accusations of racism levelled at Trump were ill-founded: "When I looked at Trumps [sic] personal staff and the workers in his businesses and I found happy minority workers who were very thankful for their boss.

"I also found that accusation is a trick of the devil to create fear, thus manipulating peoples decision making process. I found that the devil himself is called the accuser, and that often times good people fall into that trap thinking they are doing the rest of us a good service by creating an evil image of someone when their perception is in itself wrong. Trump was never called a racist until he ran against Clinton."

Johnson also said that the "liberal agenda" had risked America's relationship with Israel. "I found that he who blesses Israel is blessed of the Lord."

Johnson then added that "Jesus Himself faced", like Trump, challenges of political correctness. "I found that the fear of man, which is the goal of political correctness, is a stench in the nostrils of God for it removes freedom to think for oneself."

Read the full article here.

Want more?

Sometimes it's as simple as looking at a picture or watching a video.

Remember this?

This happened EARLY in President Trump's first term. 

Christian worship breaking out in the White House!

Do you EVER remember anything like this happening under Barrack Hussein Obama?

Me either.

Nor during that satanic Bush Sr., Bush Jr. or Clinton for that matter.

Take a minute and just enjoy this:


Full song:

Want even more?

Still not convinced?

Here you go!

SIGN THE PETITION: We Need National Voter ID!

One of our most popular videos:

And here's more:

Want to hear from another great Godly Christian Pastor?

Here's Pastor John Hagee standing FIRM and seeing CLEARLY.

God bless you Pastor Hagee!


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