John Solomon Reports: Indictments By Labor Day? Actors In “Obamagate” May Soon Be Prosecuted

There are rumblings that State Department activities may be centering around upcoming indictments against Obama era officials who "investigated" Trump team.


Could the shoe finally drop against The Deep State?

Afterall, we’ve withstood nearly 4 years of all out assault on our institutions by The Swamp.

Most infamously against the institution of the Presidency. 

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Russiagate, the defamation of Justice John Kavanaugh, and now Obamagate. 

A revealing interview on Fox Business conducted by Lou Dobbs, with investigative journalist John Solomon, suggests justice may be on the horizon:

Obamagate, in short, is the accusation thar former President Obama and his administration actively sought to sabotage the newly formed Trump White House by entrapping General Michael Flynn. 

While the idea has been mocked for months, but riddle me this Democrats, why then was Michael Flynn vindicated against the case made by the FBI?

It's worth noting that Solomon has been right on the ball regarding the Flynn case, and accurately believed that all charges would inevitably be dropped:

Turns out that the Justice Dept doubted the viability of the case all along, and exculpatory circumstantial evidence was withheld from Flynn's lawyers during the trial. 

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Peter Strzok...the smug gift that keeps on giving. 

Turns out the original notes from the FBI's interview of Flynn can't be found. 

They must be next to Hillary's server. 

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