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Iowa Pastor Goes On The Offensive Against “Global Financial Oligarch”


Have you ever listened to someone speak and you just realize this person is speaking with a different kind of authority than most other people?

That's Dave Olson, Pastor at Iowa's Heartland Church.  

If you've been a longtime reader of WeLoveTrump, you know we love to highlight pastors and prophets here.

People like Kim Clement.  Charlie Shamp.  Bob Hazelett.  Dan Mohler.  And many, many others.  

God is still speaking today, and just as the leaders in the Old Testament would turn to the prophets to hear what God is saying, I believe we should be doing the same thing in our time.  

And one person God is speaking through is Pastor Dave because this was a special message he brough last weekend.  

Oh, and speaking of Pastors and church leaders, I've got a great idea for you all….

I think we're all clear to open up all the churchs back to 100%, here's the playbook:

Gotta have a little fun joking around, although there is usually truth in every joke, did you know that? 😁

Ok, sorry for the detour, back to our main story.  

The Heartland Podcast is one I listen to on a regular basis and it's usually always great, but this week was something special.  

I have the entire video posted below, but the message starts at about 1:22:00 and the key part I'm talking about in this article starts about 1:40:00. 

The link below should be cued up to 1:40:00 but if not just jump there (or listen to the whole message, it's worth it).  

Early in the message, he is talking about what the church's response to the riots should be.  

He brought an angle and a scripture I had not heard others talking about before.  

But then at the 1:40:00 mark, Pastor Dave starts talking about a vision he had years ago.

In the vision, he describes how he saw "realms" in the sky above idea.  

Each realm had a different purpose. 

Some were for healing, some were for wisdom, some were for financial wisdom, some were for inventions, some were for prophecy, and on and on.  

He then explains how he was initially concerned by the fact he didn't think there was anything in scripture to back up what he saw.

Later, he opened up his concordance and found five verses that perfectly described what he had seen.


But that's not where it ends.

He then led into another message the LORD had given him years ago.  

Now keep in mind this is coming from a pastor who doesn't have a lot of experience or interest in business or global finance...

He said the LORD started talking to him about a "global oligarch".  

He was careful to not say the name in the message, but my hunch is it rhymes with Soerge Boros.  

And the LORD told him that this guy is accessing financial wisdom through the occult.  

He says he didn't think much of it at the time, thinking maybe it was just symbolic, but now he says it's all coming clear - this is a man intent on the destruction of America.

And here's where he wrapped it up with power:  he said the LORD told him way back at the time of the vision that "through intercession, you can block his access to that financial wisdom, and you can gain access to that same wisdom."


I think it's time for the church to rise up and reclaim the authority we have been given. 

Pastor Dave thought so too and opened up his church to morning prayer intercession all week.  

Very powerful stuff.  

If you find this at all interesting like I do, I really hope you enjoy this message below.  

Remember, jump to about 1:22:00 for the full message or about 1:40:00 for the key part I am talking about above.


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