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CNN “should pay a big price for what they have purposefully done to” Flynn and his family, Trump Says


Fake news doesn’t just threaten our democracy.

It also destroys innocent lives and reputations.

President Trump noted as much when he blasted CNN for their coverage of General Flynn.

For the news organizations that purposefully mis-reported the facts, President Trump wants to be a reckoning.

Trump tweeted:

@CNN doesn’t want to speak about their persecution of General Michael Flynn & why they got the story so wrong. They, along with others, should pay a big price for what they have purposely done to this man & his family. They won’t even cover the big breaking news about this scam!

Trump's tweet comes days after never-before-seen documents were given to Flynn's defense team.

Many legal experts have speculated that these documents have evidence that will totally exonerate General Flynn.

In face, President Trump hinted that the newly released FBI documents will do just that.

Trump told CNN's Jim Acosta that when Flynn is exonerated, "I hope CNN gives him a fair shake."

Talk about a bombshell!

The potential evidence suggests that bad actors in the FBI purposefully set-up General Flyn to take the fall.

Instead of fairly investigating the situation, the media appeared to take sides against Flynn in order to make President Trump look bad.

The Blaze has more details on Trump's comments to Jim Accosta:

During media questions in the Oval Office Thursday, CNN's Jim Acosta asked Trump if he planned to pardon Flynn now that more information about the treatment of Flynn has come to light and based on Trump's Dec. 2, 2017, tweet that he "had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!"

Acosta wanted to know if Trump stood by his statement that Flynn lied.

Trump responded by saying, that "dirty cops" at the FBI "tormented Gen. Flynn."

"You see the notes, Jim," Trump said, referring to recently uncovered handwritten notes from FBI agents seeming to show the bureau was unfairly targeting the general, adding, "What they did to Gen. Flynn ... was a disaster and a disgrace, and it should never be allowed to happen in this country, again."

He then turned to Acosta's employer.

“CNN tormented him, in all fairness," Trump said.

"I hope to see that CNN will — not even apologize, which they should, but just cover it fairly — because he is in the process of being exonerated," he continued. "If you look at those notes from yesterday, that was total exoneration. These were dirty, filthy cops at the top of the FBI."

"They were dishonest people," Trump said of the FBI agents. "Now we have to see what's going to happen. Gen. Flynn was treated like nobody ... should be treated."

Returning to CNN, the president said, "I hope that CNN is going to give him a fair shake and cover it."

Trump concluded: "I think it would be so good for CNN if you covered it honestly and if you reported honestly. It would be so good for the network."

Flynn was taken down on procedural charges during the Mueller investigation.

Mueller was unable to find any evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians.

Many conservatives believe that Flynn was set-up so that the rabid Democratic base would be satisfied when someone close to Trump was indicted.

Despite massive developments in the General Flynn case this week, the media appears to be using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to avoid covering the story.

Politico reports that Trump believes General Flyn will make a comeback:

President Donald Trump vented outrage Thursday over the FBI’s treatment of Michael Flynn following the release of government records and recent media reports regarding the bureau’s 2017 investigation into his former national security adviser.

“Look at what they did to the guy. I mean, he couldn’t have known too much [about] what was happening,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. “They came at him with 15 buses, and he’s standing in the middle of a highway. What they did to this man, they tormented him. They destroyed him. But he’s going to come back. Like I say, he’s going to come back bigger and better.”

Trump argued his former aide was victimized by “dirty, filthy cops at the top of the FBI,” and lamented how Flynn, his longtime informal political adviser Roger Stone and other associates became ensnared by the far-reaching Russia probe that consumed the early years of his administration. “It should never be allowed to happen in this country again,” he said.

The president’s fiery remarks represented Trump’s latest reaction to a cache of FBI records unsealed late Wednesday by a federal judge. The documents disclosed new details about the origins of the bureau’s criminal case against Flynn and suggested internal deliberation over how to approach the politically explosive investigation.

Trump had previously weighed in on the revelations online, firing off a remarkable series of nearly 30 tweets and retweets within a 12-hour time frame. Turning to social media as the number of Americans killed by the coronavirus surged beyond 60,000, the president excoriated former FBI Director James Comey, questioned the bureau’s current leadership, and fiercely defended Flynn.

If Flynn is totally exonerated, it will be interesting to see how the media networks cover the story.

Will they give it the same wall-to-wall coverage that they gave the Russia conspiracy theory?

Or will they simply choose to cut-away after reading the headline.

If all the chatter on Capitol Hill is any indication, we will find out very soon.


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