Mitt Romney Expresses Support For Whistleblower’s Identity to Stay Secret

Mitt Romney is showing his true (blue) colors once again, standing in opposition to Rand Paul’s call for the so-far anonymous “whistleblower” to be unmasked.

On Monday, Sen. Rand Paul challenged the media to reveal the true identity of the so-called “whistleblower” that spurred on House Dems’ impeachment inquiry after alleging that Trump stepped out line during a phone call with the Ukrainian President regarding corruption and the Biden family.

“Do your job and print his name!” Paul demanded of the media.

In response to this, RINO “Never Trumper” Romney took the side of the whistleblower, saying,

“I think whistleblowers have the right to remain confidential and their privacy ought to be respected.”

Take a look at news of this that hit Twitter:

For reference, here's the clip of Rand Paul, boldly calling for the media to do their job and the whistleblower to come forward, while standing next to President Trump at a rally in Kentucky:


Politico has more to say about Romney's support of the "whistlblower's confidentiality" in light of Rand Paul's recent statements:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) also expressed his support for the whistleblower. 


 “Whistleblowers should be entitled to confidentially and privacy, because they play a vital function in our democracy,” Romney said. 


But Paul told reporters Tuesday he is "more than willing to and probably will at some point" name the whistleblower. 


"There is no law preventing anybody from saying the name whether you're in the media or you're an elected official," he said. 

The Hill also said:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is facing a landslide of opposition from his own party over his call to publicly out the anonymous whistleblower whose concerns about President Trump’s interactions with Ukraine helped spark the House’s impeachment inquiry. 

Paul’s demand, made during an appearance with the president at a rally in Kentucky on Monday, marks the latest escalation by President Trump and his allies, who have called the whistleblower’s credibility into question and clamored for the person’s identity to be disclosed.

But several GOP senators, from rank-and-file members through leadership, distanced themselves from the idea on Tuesday, warning such a move could erode protections promised to the whistleblower.

“I think whistleblowers have the right to remain confidential and their privacy ought to be respected,” Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah), who has emerged as a vocal GOP critic of Trump’s, said on Tuesday. 

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