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PARADIGM: Jonathan Cahn Says Trump Is Jehu, Temple of Baal Destroyed!


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I always love listening to Jonathan Cahn.

He puts things together that seem so obvious after he discovers them, but yet they’ve been there for decades with no one else connecting the dots.

Nowhere was that better on display than in his first book The Harbinger and his second book The Mystery of the Shemitah.

And now he seems to be turning his attention to the Trump Administration and seeing how President Trump is playing out an ancient “Paradigm”.  

In this case, Cahn says Trump is a replay of Jehu from the Old Testament.  

Really fascinating and it makes a lot of sense!

I’ve got 5 videos down below that will make all of this clear.

I could listen to Cahn for hours, so I hope you enjoy!

Here is a short clip explaining the fall of the Temple to Baal:

Here is a LOT more:


If you want to pick up the new book The Oracle, it's on sale right now on Amazon:


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