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Jonathan Cahn Says President Trump Is a “Lightning Rod of Division Sent By God”


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I’m a big fan of Greg Hunter from the USA Watchdog YouTube channel because he interviews guests like Mark Taylor and Jonathan Cahn – guys I find really interesting.

Jonathan Cahn is the famous author of bestselling books including The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah.

And now he’s back with a brand new one called The Oracle and it’s all about President Trump and the salvation of this nation.  

Now before you get upset at the title, he doesn’t mean it in a bad way.  

The Lightning Rod of Division is to separate the wheat from the chaffe.  The good from the bad.  The Godly from the Satanists.  The honest Americans from the Deep State.

Get it?  

It’s a good thing.

When you shine light, darkness scatters.  

I think you’re really gonna like this.

After hearing the interview with Greg Hunter, I cannot wait to read this book.

If you enjoy stuff like this, I got the interview for you below:


Greg Hunter's website has more info:

Four time, best-selling author Jonathan Cahn says President Trump was put into power by divine intervention. This has happened many times before according to the Bible. Cahn contends, “Trump is following this pattern where a nation, as in ancient Israel, was about to really fall and falling away from God, he raises up an unlikely figure who is providing a window of time and holding back the flood. Trump is that person. It’s not about Trump . . . but he is now holding back, his Presidency is a window of time right now. At the same time, if he doesn’t get re-elected and Democrats get, in it’s a whole different ball game. Then that wall is going to come down and there is going to be a flood. In the time of the Trump presidency, we are watching a continual apostasy, a continual move away from God in every possible way. So, we are at a time of great polarization. The country is very divided, and Trump is a lightning rod of that division. One side will do anything they can do to get him out, and the other side is praying that he stays in.”

“Nothing is an accident,” says Cahn.   His newest, soon-to-be-released book called “The Oracle” proves the existence of God through Bible prophecy and math. Cahn goes on to say, “One of the mysteries of ‘The Oracle’ is when God does something, it is exact times, and it even involves the birth of people. So, when the first American Cyrus is in power, President Truman, God brings forth the second American Cyrus. Donald Trump was born in the reign of Truman, the first American Cyrus, and his whole life is going to be linked to it. . . .Donald Trump follows this mystery in amazing ways. . . . Trump even quoted a quote from Cyrus (of ancient Persia). Truman never recognized Jerusalem, but Cyrus did (in the ancient world), and Trump is the one who did it. So, now, Trump is the only other one just like Cyrus did. He recognizes Jerusalem just like Cyrus did. He speaks about building a house in Jerusalem, an embassy, just like Cyrus did. Cyrus spoke about building a house in Jerusalem. And to put it all together, about the hand of God in our lifetime, here’s what happens. With Cyrus, there is this 70 year mystery. . . . The Bible says, and this is about Cyrus, a king rose up and allowed the Jewish people to return from exile after 70 years. Trump gave the Declaration of Jerusalem in 2017. . . . You go back 70 years and you get to 1947, the year Israel is voted into existence, the beginning of Israel. . . . Where does the 70 year period fall to the day? It falls on December 6, 2017, which is the exact day Donald Trump issues the Declaration after 70 years, according to the mystery to the very day.”

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Cahn says, “We are in end times. . . . The God of the Bible, you hear about miracles. You hear about him moving history, and you say, oh, that’s the Bible. The God of the Bible is real, active now and present. ‘The Oracle’ is revealing the same God is behind everything. . . . Even the election had to take place at the end of 2016 because the 70th year was coming. So, Donald Trump had to be elected at that moment so the 70 year mystery could happen. That tells you how awesome it is, how real God is and how that’s affecting everyone’s life who is listening right now. That’s what ‘The Oracle’ reveals.”

The Oracle” also delivers a message of “salvation,” which also means Yeshua or Jesus. Cahn says persecution is coming back just like in the beginning of Christianity, but there is also good news. Cahn says, “There is another mystery and that is the return of the people of God, and that means this–that the church or the people of God will also return to the state they were in in the beginning. What’s that? That’s the Book of Acts. That’s when the church was on fire, and it was revolutionary. It was radical, and it was changing the world. Those people who stand strong, and I call all of you to stand strong and don’t compromise. Stand strong and God will use you and make us like the apostles again. That’s the glory of it. The ultimate of this jubilee, who ultimately left his land and is coming back? Messiah. The King was separated from his kingdom and he’s coming back again, and we want to be right and ready for that day. . . .For those who say I wish I could live in Bible times, congratulations–you are!”

If you want to pick up the new book The Oracle, it's on sale right now on Amazon:


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